On June 26, 1914, the actions of one man would change the world forever.

 Chronology of Main Events of the War for Liberty

Battles That Have Marked the Greatest Struggle in the World’s History

Four Years of Bitter Warfare Before the Defeat of Autocratic Attempts to Rule the World Could Be Assured- Progress of the Titanic Contest Practically as It Went On From Day to Day.

From June 28, 1914, when the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, and his wife, at Sarajevo, Bosnia, gave Emperor William of Germany his excuse for beginning war which he believed would result in his gaining practical control of the world through military domination, the main events of the struggle are told in the following chronicle:


28 –Archduke Ferdinand and wife assassinated in Sarajevo, Bosnia


28 –Austria-Hungary declares war on Servia


1 –Germany declares war on Russia and general mobilization is under
way in France and Austria-Hungary
2 –German troops enter France at Cirey; Russian troops enter
Germany at Schwidden; German army enters Luxemburg over
protest and Germany asks Belgium for free passage of her troops
3 –British fleet mobilizes; Belgium appeals to Great Britain for
diplomatic aid and German ambassador quits Paris
4 –France declares war on Germany; Germany declares war on
Belgium; Great Britain sends Belgium neutrality ultimatum to
Germany;  British army mobilizes and state of war between
Great Britain and Germany is declared.  President Wilson issues
neutrality proclamation
5 –Germans begin fighting on Belgian frontier; Germany asks for
Italy’s help
6 –Austria declares war on Russia
7 –Germans defeated by French in Altkirch
9 –Germans capture Liege. Portugal announces it will support
Great Britain; British land troops in France
10 – France declares war on Austria-Hungary
12 –Great Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary; Montenegro
declares war on Germany
15 – Japan sends ultimatum to Germany to withdraw from Japanese
and Chinese waters and evacuate Klaochow; Russia offers
autonomy to Poland
20 –German army enters Brussels
23 –Japan declares war on Germany; Russia victorious in battles
in East Prussia
24 –Japanese warships bombard Tsingtao; Japan and Austria
break off diplomatic relations
28 –English win naval battle over German fleet near Helgoland
29 –Germans defeat Russians at Allenstein; occupy Amiens; advance
to La Fero, 65 miles from Paris


1 –Germans cross Marne; bombs dropped on Paris; Turkish army
mobilizes; Zeppelins drop bombs on Antwerp
2 –Government of France transferred to Bordeaux; Russians capture
4 –Germans cross the Marne
5 –England, France and Russia sign pact to make no separate peace
6 –French win battle of Marne; British cruiser Pathfinder sunk in
North sea by a German submarine
7 –Germans retreat from the Marne
14 –Battle of Aisne starts; German retreat halted
15 –First battle of Soissons fought
20 –Russians capture Jaroslau and begin siege of Przemysl


9-10Germans capture Antwerp
12 –Germans take Ghent
20 –Fighting along Yser river begins
29 –Turkey begins war on Russia


7 –Tsingtao falls before Japanese troops
9 –German cruiser Emden destroyed


11 – German advance on Warsaw checked
14 –Belgrade recaptured by Serbians
16 –German cruisers bombard Scarborough, Hartlepool and Whitby
on English coast, killing 50 or more persons; Austrians said to
have lost upward of 100,000 men in Serbian defeat
25 –Italy occupies Aviona, Albania

Historical events timeline transcribed from The Hilton Record, December 23, 1918, Page 2.
Addition of World War I Veterans by Tammy M. Mullen