With war was raging overseas in Europe, two men would return home to England to serve in His Majesty’s forces.

Chronology of Main Events of the War for Liberty

Battles That Have Marked the Greatest Struggle in the World’s History

Four Years of Bitter Warfare Before the Defeat of Autocratic Attempts to Rule the World Could Be Assured- Progress of the Titanic Contest Practically as It Went On From Day to Day.

From June 28, 1914, when the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, and his wife, at Sarajevo, Bosnia, gave Emperor William of Germany his excuse for beginning war which he believed would result in his gaining practical control of the world through military domination, the main events of the struggle are told in the following chronicle:


1 –British battleship Formidable sunk
8 –Roumania mobilizes 750,000  men; violent fighting in the Argonne
11 –Germans cross the Rawka, 13 miles from Warsaw
24 – British win naval battle in North sea
29 –Russian army invades Hungary; German efforts to cross Aisne repulsed


1 –British repel strong German attack near La Bassee
2 –Turks are defeated in attack on Suez Canal
4 –Russians capture Tarnow in Galicia
8 –Turks along  Suez canal in full retreat; Turkish land defenses
at the Dardanelles shelled by British torpedo boats
11 –Germans evacuate Lodz
12 –Germans drive Russians from positions in East Prussia, taking
26,000 prisoners
14 –Russians report capture of fortifications at Smolnik
16 –Germans capture Plock and Bielsk in Poland; French capture two
miles of German trenches in Champagne district
17 –Germans report they have taken 50,000 Russian prisoners in
Masurian lake district
18 –German blockade of English and French coasts put into effect
19-20British and French fleets bombard Dardanelles forts
21 –American steamer Evelyn sunk by mine in North sea
22 –German war office announces capture of 100,000 Russian
prisoners in engagements in Masurian lake region; American
steamer Carib sunk by mine in North sea
23 –Jack Bridgeman enlists in the British Army
28 –Dardanelles entrance forts capitulate to English and French


4 –Landing of allied troops on both sides of Dardanelles straits
reported; German U-1 sunk by French destroyers
10 –Battle of Neuve Chapelle begins
14 –German cruiser Dresden sunk in Pacific by English
18 –British battleships Irresistible and Ocean and French battleship
Bouvet sunk in Dardanelles strait
22 –Fort of Przemysl surrenders to Russians
23 –Allies land troops on Gallipoli peninsula
25 –Russians victorious over Austrians in Carpathians


8 –German auxillary cruiser, Prins Eitel Friedrich, interned at
Newport News, VA
16 –Italy has 1,200,000 men moblized under arms;  Austrians report
complete defeat of Russians in Carpathian campaign
23 –Germans force way across Ypres canal and take 100,000 prisoners


7 –Liner Lusitania torpedoed and sunk by German submarine off the
coast of Ireland with the loss of more than 1,000 lives, 102
Americans die
9 –French advance two and one-half miles against German forces
north of Arras, taking 2,000 prisoners
23 –Italy declares war on Austria


3 –Germans recapture Przemysl with Austrian help
18 –British suffer defeat north of La Bassee Canal
28 –Italians enter Austrian territory south of Riva on western shore of
Lake Garda


3 –Tolmino falls into Italian hands
9 –British make gains north of Ypres and French retake trenches in
the Vosges
13 –Germans defeated in the Argonne
29 –Warsaw evacuated; Lublin captured by Austrians


4 –Germans occupy Warsaw
14 –Austrians and Germans concentrate 400,000 soldiers on Serbian
21 –Italy declares war on Turkey


1 –Ambassador Bernstorff announces Germans will sink no more
liners without warning
4 –German submarine torpedoes liner Hesperian
9 –Germans make air raid on London, killing 20 persons and
wounding 100 others; United States asks Austria to recall
Ambassador Dumba
20 –Germans begin drive on Serbia to open route to Turkey
22 –Russian army, retreating from Vilna, escapes German encircling
25-30Battle of Champagne, resulting in great advance for allied armies
and causing Kaiser Wilhelm to rush to the west front; German
counter-attacks repulsed


5 –Russia and Bulgaria sever diplomatic relations; Russian, French,
British, Italian and Serbian diplomatic representatives ask for
passports in Sofia
10 –General Mackensen’s forces take Belgrade
12 –Edith Cavell executed by Germans
13 –Bulgaria declares war on Serbia
15 –Great Britain declares war on Bulgaria
16 –France declares war on Bulgaria
19 –Russia and Italy declare war on Bulgaria
27 –Germans join Bulgarians in northeastern Serbia and open way to
30 –Germans defeated at Mitau


9 –Italian liner Ancona torpedoed
17 –George S. Kirk returns to England aboard the RMS Cameronia


1 –British retreat from near Bagdad
4 –Ford  “peace party” sails for Europe
8-9Allies defeated in Macedonia
15 –Sir John Douglas Haig succeeds Sir John French as chief of English
armies on west front

Historical events timeline transcribed from The Hilton Record, December 23, 1918, Page 2.
Addition of World War I Veterans by Tammy M. Mullen