Those that remained overseas are returning home.  Some to the lives they knew before, others to blaze a new path.

 Chronology of Main Events of the War for Liberty

Battles That Have Marked the Greatest Struggle in the World’s History

Four Years of Bitter Warfare Before the Defeat of Autocratic Attempts to Rule the World Could Be Assured- Progress of the Titanic Contest Practically as It Went On From Day to Day.

From June 28, 1914, when the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria, and his wife, at Sarajevo, Bosnia, gave Emperor William of Germany his excuse for beginning war which he believed would result in his gaining practical control of the world through military domination, the main events of the struggle are told in the following chronicle:


1 –Eugene E. Higgs is discharged from the United States Army


31 –Jack Bridgeman is discharged from the Grenadier Guards


4 –Lucius F. Bagley is discharged from the United States Naval
Reserve Force
6 –Frank Turgon is discharged from the United States Marine Corps


30 –Leonard K. Church is discharged from the United States Navy

Historical events timeline transcribed from The Hilton Record, December 23, 1918, Page 2.
Addition of World War I Veterans by Tammy M. Mullen